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What's new?

  1. Responsive design – fully mobile adapted.
  2. Dashboard as login/home.
  3. Non-members will be allowed to read but NOT able to see writer’s names
  4. Follow members and get all their comments (excl chat) on your wall.
  5. Include images in body text in group post.
  6. No more status updates for private members, available for businesses
  7. Personal Mailbox is killed.
  8. Former scheme with followers and contacts made simpler.
  9. Easier to copy chat comment to groups – can be done by all (formerly only by writer himself)
  10. Ignore/Hide and Search in chat.
  11. New inhouse P2P solution – permanent one-to-one chat room and group rooms available and history being kept for the private room participants (chat + messaging tool)
  12. Advertising partnership.
  13. No free business memberships – two types of paid services.
  14. Easier to select country content.
  15. Notifications in dashboard.
  16. Showing you participation ranking on the platform in your dashboard.
  17. Q&A module to be released within a few weeks after launch

Our goal for your experience on the "new XI”platform: Improved site performance, mobile (pads, whatever) ready, improved activity, improved filtering tools and improved messaging (P2P chat) tools. 

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