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Why become a member:

XtraInvestor is a platform for all types of investors looking to be better and more effectively informed. Being a private member is free of cost.

We know you as a user have your own unique interests and preferences, yet the standard approach has been to ensure what everyone sees is identical. We believe your experience should be as unique as you. There is no lack of investment content on the internet but as investors ourselves we have found traditional discussion forums to be outdated with lack of filtering tools, lack of trust (written by anonymous people, often with multiple ‘personalities’), lack of collaboration tools in addition to containing enormous amounts of misleading/spam/scam/’irregular’ content. 

Our goal is to make XtraInvestor  your preferred investment tool. In addition to the specific features our real name policy for members separates us from the pack globally. We hope you will find your browsing experience easy, quick, relevant, valuable and entertaining.

Here’s how being a visitor on XtraInvestor differs from being a member: 


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